• How to Create a Website for Your Business in 2020

    How to Create a Website for Your Business in 2020

    If creating a website for your business is at the top of your to-do list this year, you probably have some questions: How do you even create a website? Where do you get started? What should you be thinking about? What should you avoid? How can you make sure the website helps your business? So let’s break it down. Here are the 5 steps you should do if you want to create a website that helps your business (and doesn’t just look pretty).

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  • Tips for Choosing a WordPress Theme

    Tips For Choosing A WordPress Theme

    There are thousands of pre-made WordPress design templates that you can use to create a beautiful website. But with so many theme choices available, it can get really overwhelming… really quickly. So that’s why I created this blog post – and my downloadable checklist – to help you out.

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  • How to Create an Online Quiz that Grows your Email List

    How To Create An Online Quiz That Grows Your Email List

    Last month I created a quiz on my website. And I’ve had several people ask me how to create a quiz for their website as well. So while I could write all about the steps you need to take in the software to setup the quiz… I really want to emphasize the planning of the quiz first. Just like with creating a website – the planning and strategy piece is oh SOOOOOO important to getting results for your business. Unfortunately, that’s the piece that I see most entrepreneurs neglecting! So today – I’m going to share with you the steps I took to STRATEGICALLY PLAN my online quiz to grow my email list. (Hint: You should follow this plan to create a quiz that grows your email list too!)

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