signature image typepadTo add a signature image to Typepad blog posts, you can manually insert an image at the bottom of your article each time you create a blog post. But if you have a Typepad Unlimited or Premium account, you can automatically have your signature added to the bottom of each and every blog post!


  • In order to add a custom signature in Typepad, you need to have the Unlimited or Premium account. The Plus account doesn’t let you add a signature.
  • Typepad doesn’t let you add text or links in your signature on any of their accounts (for example, a text including a link to your company’s website).

Adding Your Signature Image

  1. Create your signature image in a graphics program and save it as a GIF, JPG or PNG file. Make note of the height (in pixels) of the image.
  2. Upload your image into your blog’s File Manager: In Typepad click Library > File Manager.
  3. After you upload the image, click on the file name and the image will open in your browser. Copy or write down the URL of the image (or keep the browser window open so you can copy the URL later).
  4. In the Typepad Admin area for your blog, click the Design tab.
  5. Now click the “Custom CSS” link.
  6. Add the following code to the text box, adjusting the code as indicated below:

    .entry-content {
    padding-bottom: 85px;
    background: transparent url( bottom left no-repeat;
    margin-bottom: 15px;

  7. Click the “Save Changes” button.

Notes on the Code:

add typepad signature image

  1. This number should be slightly larger than the height of your image. Start out by using a number 15-20 pixels larger than your image’s height. You can adjust this number if you find that you want more or less space between your post and your signature.
  2. The URL of your image (from step #3 above)
  3. “left” makes the image left-aligned. You can change this to “center” or “right” if you prefer different alignment.
  4. This number adds some space between your signature and the post footer. Again, you can adjust this number to add more or less space.

Now view your blog posts to see if you like how your signature looks. You can always adjust your code to adjust the alignment or the spacing above and below your signature graphic.