• How to Backup your Blogger Template

    Planning on editing your Blogger (Blogspot) template? Make sure you backup your Blogger template first! Here’s why: If you run into any problems with your edits, you can simply revert your template back to its previous condition by restoring it from your backup. Fortunately Blogger makes it very easy to backup your template. This article […]

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  • Change your WordPress admin Username

    Change your Wordpress username from admin

    WordPress is setup by default with an “admin” username as the administrator. However, if someone wants to hack into your blog, the first username they’ll try is “admin”. Then all they need to do is figure out your password (which can be easier than you think!). To beef up your security, I recommend you change the administrator’s […]

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  • Facebook Public Profile Not Visible? Here’s How to Fix it!

    facebook public profile not visible

    You’ve taken the time to add a Facebook “Like Box” to your website. It worked great at first – showing your most recent posts and/or the people who have “Liked” your Facebook page. But now you notice that instead of displaying your Facebook information in the box on your website, it now shows this error: […]

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