We’ve all visited websites that annoy us. I’m talking about the websites that make us cringe or worse yet, make us leave the website promising never to return again. If you’re planning on designing a new website – or if you’re doing a review of your existing website – take a peak at this list of some of the top annoying things people hate about websites.

This list includes my personal pet peeves that are in addition to Hubspot’s List of Things People Hate About Your Website. I also included some of the responses from my Twitter followers and Facebook fans when I asked this question:
“Fill in the blank: I hate it when websites ______________”

People Hate it When Your Website

  1. Contains Viruses and Malware – This seems self-explanatory; but you may have these on your website accidentally! Make sure you stay up-to-date with your website software updates to prevent it from getting hacked into and having malicious code inserted into your pages without your knowledge.
  2. Is Too Wide for their Screen – No one wants to scroll left-to-right to read your content.
  3. Pages are Too Long – Break up your content with images and bulleted lists. Consider breaking extremely long pages apart into separate pages.
  4. Takes Too Long to Load – Optimize your images by saving them in appropriate file sizes for viewing online.
  5. Is so Unorganized That They Can’t Find What They’re Looking for – Make sure you have a well-planned, intuitive navigation structure. And always make it easy for people to find your contact information.
  6. Has Dead-End Menu Links – It’s frustrating to click on menu links that only lead you to “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” pages.
  7. Has Too Much Going on – Some websites are so busy that you don’t know where to look first; it’s way too much to take in so people just leave. The example one of my Facebook fans gave is: http://savingsbonds.gov/
  8. Has “Talking Heads” – Some people are annoyed by the auto-play and walk-out videos; and others find them just plain creepy!
  9. Looks 1999-ish – Make sure your website presents your company in a positive light. If it looks like you haven’t updated it in many years, it can make you look unprofessional.
  10. Has Broken Links – If your links don’t take you to the intended page – this can cause people to get frustrated and look elsewhere.
  11. Has Confusing Links – Make sure your visitors know where they can click on a text link. You can do this by making your hyperlinks a contrasting color to the rest of your text and/or by having them underlined. Also, avoid underlining text that isn’t a link; otherwise visitors will think it is a link and will get frustrated when they try to click on it.
  12. Pops up a Feedback Survey on the Home Page – How can people provide feedback on your website when they haven’t had a chance to look through it yet?!
  13. Includes Un-neccesary Fields in your Forms – For example, more people probably aren’t going to feel comfortable letting your know their income, job title or marital status if they’re simply signing up for your mailing list!

Did I miss any of your website pet peeves? Let me know in the Comments section below!