• My 2020 Business Makeover

    My 2020 Business Makeover

    2020 has been a doozy so far, right? I know I don’t need to list out everything that’s upended our lives this year – because you’re well aware of it all. Instead, I want to highlight some of the exciting changes that I’ve made in my business during this crazy year – and why I made them. During a time when so many things seem out of our control, these changes have helped me to feel optimistic and excited about the direction of my business. If you’re feeling a little “blah” with your business – maybe some of these ideas will inspire you make some changes to your business and get out of that funk!

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  • How to Register a Domain Name for your Website

    Buying a Website Name (How to Register a Domain Name)

    When it comes to having your own website, the first thing you need is a website name (AKA a website address or a domain name or a URL). This is the address in your browser’s bar at the top that tells you what website you’re viewing. In other words, it’s the part after the “http://”. In this blog post I show you how to easily register a domain name for your website.

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  • 9 Steps for Better Time Management for Busy Boss Ladies


    Have you ever noticed that some entrepreneurs seem to get an insane amount of work done each day – while others are spinning their wheels without enough time in the day to accomplish much of anything? Which type of boss lady are are you? More importantly, if you’re in the second group – what can you do to be more productive?

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  • 7 Ways to Use Social Media for Your Business (Besides Marketing!)

    7 Ways to Use Social Media (Besides Marketing)

    Most business owners think of their social media accounts as marketing tools. They create Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Google+ pages, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, and LinkedIn profiles – all in the hopes of expanding their marketing efforts. However there are many more ways to use social media for your business besides marketing! Here are 7 additional ways to use social media for your business.

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