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  • How to Create Custom Pinterest Board Covers

    How to Create Custom Pinterest Board Covers

    Have you noticed the new Pinterest board covers? If you had custom board covers setup in the past, you may notice that they are now cut off, stretched, or both! Don’t worry, I’ve got this all figured out for you. Here is my easy-to-follow tutorial for how to create custom Pinterest board covers with the new 2016 Pinterest design. Plus: download my free Pinterest board cover template!

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  • How to Confirm Your Website on Pinterest


    If you have a business account on Pinterest, it is important that you confirm your website (or blog) on your Pinterest account. You will get access to Pinterest analytics. (Yay!) And Pinterest will display your profile picture on Pins that people saved from your website. This increases your visibility and credibility. (Win-Win!)

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  • How to Add Rich Pins to your Blogger Blog

    How to Add Rich Pins to your Blogger Blog (with cut-and-paste code!). This is easy as pie (or cupcakes)!

    Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to add rich pins to your Blogger blog. Pinterest Rich pins display additional information that Pinterest gets from your website. Rich pins give you (and your website!) credibility. Rich pins also help your pins stand out in the Pinterest newsfeed.

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  • How to Add Your Pinterest Profile to your Blog’s Sidebar


    Are you a blogger who is active on Pinterest? If so – you can showcase your Pinterest profile on your blog’s sidebar (or even your blog’s footer!) – and hopefully gain some new Pinterest followers in the process! In this blog article I share instructions for how to do this on both a self-hosted Wordpress blog (aka as well as on Blogger.

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  • How to Add a Periscope On Air Button on Your Website or Blog

    How to Add a Periscope On Air Button to your Website or Blog

    Periscope On Air buttons are now available! You can use these buttons to link to a Periscope broadcaster’s account. What’s extra special about these buttons is that they automatically indicate when a broadcaster is LIVE on air! Cool, right? Here’s everything you need to know about adding a Periscope On Air button on your website or blog.

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  • 7 Ways to Use Social Media for Your Business (Besides Marketing!)

    7 Ways to Use Social Media (Besides Marketing)

    Most business owners think of their social media accounts as marketing tools. They create Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Google+ pages, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, and LinkedIn profiles – all in the hopes of expanding their marketing efforts. However there are many more ways to use social media for your business besides marketing! Here are 7 additional ways to use social media for your business.

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