Online Quiz Planner

Grow your email list and make money using online quizzes!

Online Quiz Planner to grow your email list and make you moneyUse my Online Quiz Planner to plan and setup your online quiz.  When done right, online quizzes can grow your email list and make you money!

Just like with creating a website – the planning and strategy piece is so important to getting results for your business. Gone are the days of tossing a simple opt-in gift up and walking away, hoping that the emails will start flooding in. Now you need to up your game a bit. And that’s where this planner comes in handy!

Here is What You Get with my Online Quiz Planner:

My Online Quiz Planner (38 pages) includes an in-depth, step-by-step plan for strategically creating an online quiz for your business. It also includes 19 accompanying exercises/worksheets that help you plan, create, monitor and improve your online quizzes.

The Step-by-Step Planner covers:

  • Picking a quiz topic and style with your ideal client in mind
  • Creating a quiz title your audience can’t resist
  • Planning your quiz questions, answers and results
  • My color-coding technique that makes setting up your questions, answers, and results super easy
  • Creating a plan for getting email subscribers from your quiz
  • Setting up your quiz’s opt-in form and quiz results pages
  • Setting up your email funnels
  • Planning your upsell offers
  • Choosing your quiz platform/software
  • 6 Steps for setting up the tech: your quiz software, your email marketing and your website
  • Promoting your quiz
  • Monitoring how your quiz is performing – and fine-tuning it for better results

You will LOVE having this planner that you can print off and use in your business!