How to Create Custom Pinterest Board Covers

Have you noticed some Pinterest accounts have branded board covers? Pretty cool, right?!

But how do you create your own, without having them cut off, stretched, or both? Don’t worry, I’ve got this all figured out for you below. But first:

Should You Create Custom Pinterest Board Covers?

I truly believe that custom board covers can help with your branding, encourage viewers to stay on your profile longer, and help increase the number of followers you get.

  1. It allows you to make a great first impression with your branding. Incorporate your colors, fonts and any other graphical elements of your branding – so you have a cohesive look-and-feel that’s similar to your website and other social media accounts.
  2. Well-designed board covers give some peace to an otherwise busy view. They give your eyes a restful place to focus on amongst all the clutter.
  3. If you include your board titles in your cover images, it’s easier for someone to quickly look at the different boards you have and what types of things you’re pinning – so they can decide if you are someone that they want to follow. They can spend less time clicking through all your boards (where they can easily get distracted and leave!) trying to figure out if they want to follow you – and instead make a quick decision – while they’re viewing your profile – to follow you.

Here’s an example of a Pinterest profile (on a computer) without custom board covers. See how busy, cluttered and distracting it is?

Pinterest boards without custom board covers


Now here’s how it looks when you have custom board covers that have lots of “white space” and clear text:

Pinterest boards with custom board covers


What do you think? Does this make you want to change your board covers? If so – keep reading!

How to Design Custom Pinterest Board Covers

In 2016 Pinterest did a redesign and changed the dimensions of the board covers… twice! And they used to be different dimensions on desktops versus the app. But ever since November 2016, the cover image has thankfully remained the same size. On desktops the cover images are a perfect square. And the board covers on the Pinterest app are square as well. YAY! This makes it so much easier to design covers that fit on both desktops and the mobile app.

I just finished updating all my custom Pinterest board covers – and they look good on both desktop and mobile devices. (Yay!) I made a Canva template and it went pretty quick to make them all. You can download my Canva template in my Free Resources area – or you can make your own using these instructions:

  • Create a graphic that is 800 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall.
  • That’s it! Woohoo! (Prior to November 2016, there were multiple steps to do this.)

Get my Pinterest Board Cover template
(plus additional freebies!) in my Free Resources Area:

How do I use my Custom Pinterest Board Covers?

First you need to upload your custom board cover as a new pin.

  1. On your Pinterest board, click on the “Save Pin” section.
  2. Select “Your device”.
  3. Click the “Choose photo” button and select your custom board cover image.
  4. Optionally enter a pin description. (I like to use the same description that I use for that board.) Then click the “Save” button for the board you want to use this cover for.

    How to change your Pinterest board covers  

  5. Optionally edit your pin and add a link to your website.

    How to change your Pinterest board covers

Now let’s use that image as your new Pinterest board cover.

  1. Click the Edit icon at the top.
  2. When the “Edit your board” window appears: In the “Cover” section click the “Change” button.

    (Note: You will not see the cover option until you have a few pins added to your board.)

  3. Your new cover image should appear.

    NOTE: The preview area is NOT accurately showing what your board cover will actually be. So just ignore the fact that it looks cropped here.

    If you followed my instructions and made your board cover square – you won’t need to click-and-drag it to pick where you want it to be cropped. It will automatically be the correct size and position — even though the Preview window is showing it cropped smaller.

  4. Click the “Save Changes” button.
  5. Click the “Save” button.

How to change your Pinterest board covers

Now go back to your main Profile screen and see if your board cover changed successfully. You may need to refresh your browser screen to see the change. If your cover didn’t change, just repeat the steps again for editing the board cover. (You don’t have to upload the image again.) I noticed that sometimes the board cover change doesn’t save – so you might have to do this a couple (or a few!) times before Pinterest actually changes your cover.

Don’t forget it… Pin it! Pin it to Pinterest

How to Create Custom Pinterest Board Covers