• My 2020 Business Makeover

    My 2020 Business Makeover

    2020 has been a doozy so far, right? I know I don’t need to list out everything that’s upended our lives this year – because you’re well aware of it all. Instead, I want to highlight some of the exciting changes that I’ve made in my business during this crazy year – and why I made them. During a time when so many things seem out of our control, these changes have helped me to feel optimistic and excited about the direction of my business. If you’re feeling a little “blah” with your business – maybe some of these ideas will inspire you make some changes to your business and get out of that funk!

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  • How to Register a Domain Name for your Website

    Buying a Website Name (How to Register a Domain Name)

    When it comes to having your own website, the first thing you need is a website name (AKA a website address or a domain name or a URL). This is the address in your browser’s bar at the top that tells you what website you’re viewing. In other words, it’s the part after the “http://”. In this blog post I show you how to easily register a domain name for your website.

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