• How to Create a Website for Your Business in 2021

    How to Create a Website for Your Business in 2020

    If creating a website for your business is at the top of your to-do list this year, you probably have some questions: How do you even create a website? Where do you get started? What should you be thinking about? What should you avoid? How can you make sure the website helps your business? So let’s break it down. Here are the 5 steps you should do if you want to create a website that helps your business (and doesn’t just look pretty).

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  • Tips for Choosing a WordPress Theme

    Tips For Choosing A WordPress Theme

    There are thousands of pre-made WordPress design templates that you can use to create a beautiful website. But with so many theme choices available, it can get really overwhelming… really quickly. So that’s why I created this blog post – and my downloadable checklist – to help you out.

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  • The #1 Thing You Didn’t Discuss with Your Web Designer That’s Costing You Sales and Clients

    The #1 Thing You Didn't Discuss With Your Web Designer

    I’ve seen it over and over again. You launch your new website — not just any new website… an absolutely GORGEOUS website! But… crickets. What’s going on? Why isn’t your beautiful new website bringing in new clients? Why aren’t you getting more people signing up for your email list? Why isn’t your new website saving you time or money or headaches? Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen? Let’s find out what’s going on!

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  • 5 Myths About Creating a Website that Brings You More Clients

    5 Myths About Creating A Website That Brings You More Clients

    One of the very first questions I ask my web design clients is: “Why do you want a new website?” 9 times out of 10, the answer is the same: You want to get more clients or customers. But I also find that many people have some misconceptions about exactly HOW they are going to get their website to bring them more clients. Here’s what you can do to have a website that brings you more traffic, more newsletter subscribers, and yes – more clients.

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  • 8 Reasons Why you Need a Website Redesign

    8 Reason Why You Need A Website Redesign

    A well-designed website can be an amazing marketing tool that brings in new email opt-ins, leads, clients and customers. If your website isn’t pulling its weight by doing these things, it is probably time to get a website makeover. But just in case you need some convincing to freshen up your website, here are 8 reasons why your website might need a redesign.

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